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Baddow Hospital is a vibrant, patient focussed, day hospital offering excellent standards of care in Chelmsford, Essex. We specialise in providing a confident and comfortable one stop care package which will get you back on your feet and feeling good again, and we won’t keep you waiting. With state of the art equipment, cutting edge technology and highly experienced staff, Baddow Hospital is the right choice for private hospital care in Essex.

Our team of specialist consultants are leaders in their fields. The care and advice they offer ensure you receive the best possible treatment from Baddow Hospital.

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Baddow Hospital is a state of the art facility, purpose designed in 2013 with patients’ care and comfort in mind at every step. Our top of the range equipment allows us to carry out complex and advanced procedures, and our specialist team ensure you the best care.

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Baddow Hospital is recognised by all leading Insurance Companies, so if you have Medical Insurance, your treatment may be covered. Alternatively, for self-pay patients we’re transparent about our prices, so you know what you’ll pay from the start.

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Baddow Hospital is now recognised by all major UK private healthcare insurers. If you’re unsure whether you’re covered or want to know how to make a claim, just ask one of the Baddow Hospital staff and they can help you with the claims process. Click here for more information on Insurance and payment.


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At Baddow Hospital we take the prevention and control of infection very seriously. All our staff receive infection prevention and control training and we use evidenced based policies to guide them. We regularly audit our practice to ensure we maintain high standards of quality patient care and patients are screened for MRSA prior to procedures as appropriate. We have had no cases of MRSA infection.



we have time to listen

“We have time to listen and understand”

“We have time to listen and understand” Our Well Man and Well Woman Health Checks 2/3rd  of general practitioners in the US believe adults should have annual check ups but it is not yet as popular in the UK. Annual check ups may pick up problems such as raised blood pressure, high cholesterol and even […]

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Our GPs are here to help

Our GPs are here to help.

Baddow Hospital is pleased to announce our new Baddow Private GP Service is up and running. To book an appointment with one of our lovely GP’s call our friendly team on 01245 474070. Why not read our blog post to learn more: GP Q&A

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  Do you know your height? Do you know your weight? Do you know your BMI?   Do you know your Blood pressure numbers? Whilst many would rather remain blissfully unaware. Your blood pressure is an excellent indicator of the state of your health and will provide health care professionals with signs of underlying health […]

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