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Baddow Hospital is a vibrant, patient focussed, day hospital offering excellent standards of care in Chelmsford, Essex. We specialise in providing a confident and comfortable one stop care package which will get you back on your feet and feeling good again, and we won’t keep you waiting. With state of the art equipment, cutting edge technology and highly experienced staff, Baddow Hospital is the right choice for private hospital care in Essex.

Our team of specialist consultants are leaders in their fields. The care and advice they offer ensure you receive the best possible treatment from Baddow Hospital.

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Baddow Hospital is a state of the art facility, purpose designed in 2013 with patients’ care and comfort in mind at every step. Our top of the range equipment allows us to carry out complex and advanced procedures, and our specialist team ensure you the best care.

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Baddow Hospital is recognised by all leading Insurance Companies, so if you have Medical Insurance, your treatment may be covered. Alternatively, for self-pay patients we’re transparent about our prices, so you know what you’ll pay from the start.

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Baddow Hospital is now recognised by all major UK private healthcare insurers. If you’re unsure whether you’re covered or want to know how to make a claim, just ask one of the Baddow Hospital staff and they can help you with the claims process. Click here for more information on Insurance and payment.


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At Baddow Hospital we take the prevention and control of infection very seriously. All our staff receive infection prevention and control training and we use evidenced based policies to guide them. We regularly audit our practice to ensure we maintain high standards of quality patient care and patients are screened for MRSA prior to procedures as appropriate. We have had no cases of MRSA infection.



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Could RICE help you this summer?


In the summer months various sporting events, such as Wimbledon and the Tour de France, along with the sunny weather usually serve to increase our outdoor activities with a drive to improve our fitness levels.

If we are not used to the increase in activity our bodies, particularly as we age, aren’t as flexible or forgiving as they are when we are younger. This leads to greater numbers of injuries and strains as we attempt to get our bodies to do things they are no longer used to and often without any warm up.

If you are about to launch yourself into a new fitness regime, please be aware of your body’s limitations, ensure you are thoroughly warmed up and ready for whatever exercise you are about to undertake and what to do if the unthinkable happens.

Strains or sprains are common injuries and they can also be the result of overuse of muscles and joints. Acute pain (sudden onset from injury, overuse or trauma), swelling, stiffness and bruising are symptomatic of strains and sprains and the best form of treatment for these is rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE)

Rest the joint or muscle involved

Ice is the best way of reducing swelling and increasing mobility

Compression in the form of strapping such as a bandage or tubular webbing

Elevate the affected area to decrease swelling and to rest

Take pain killers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to ease the pain.

If you suspect a more serious injury then go to your local A&E Department

Most injuries will heal within a few weeks and, in the vast majority of people, pain settles down as the body’s healing processes take effect or after medical intervention. However, in some individuals pain persists beyond the usual or expected time. Pain which persists for over three to six months is defined as chronic pain which, along with persistent pain for no obvious reason (pain is also our body’s way of warning us when an underlying disease process may be developing) should necessitate a visit to your GP who may feel it is appropriate to arrange an appointment with a physiotherapist or pain management consultant.


The Pain Management Team, at Baddow Hospital, specialises in the management and treatment of both chronic and acute pain.


We offer regular outpatient clinics with specialist pain management consultants in musculoskeletal, joint pain, back and neck pain plus nerve injury (pins and needles, burning pain and shooting pains), pelvic pain , sciatica and myofascial pain. They provide a number of interventional pain treatments including lumbar facet joint injections, peripheral nerve blocks, trigger joint injections and stellate ganglion blocks.


The service is aimed at reducing pain, addressing the emotional impact of pain and increasing mobility, activity and overall well-being.


To book a Consultation with one of our Pain Management Consultants call our reception team on 01245 474070.