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Cosmetic Surgery Prices
    “Extremely clean, tidy and organised Hospital. Staff were all well dressed, well trained, very polite and calming. My post op visit was very reassuring, I have felt extremely well looked after, a first class experience.”Mrs C
    “I was very pleased with everything at Baddow Hospital and I would be more than happy to return (if necessary) Thank you all so much”Mr G
    “I have never been in an environment where I have left so comfortable and at ease prior to any treatment. All staff well and truly magnificent, cheerful and pleasant manner and a credit to your company.”Mr L
    “ I had expected a 6-8 week wait with the NHS, I was booked in for my procedure within 2 weeks. Superb and excellent facilities, felt like being in a hotel.”Mrs E
    “I was warmly greeted by lovely receptionists. The Waiting area was light and airy with todays Newspapers at hand with plenty of tea, coffee and water facilities.”Mrs K
    “Very clean, friendly staff. Will not be going back to NHS, very impressed with the level of service and care.”Mrs J
    Cosmetic and Aesthetic at Baddow Hospital

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    Procedure Prices From:
    Breast Augmentation (BBA) £4,795
    BBA with Allergan Anatomical Implants £5,420
    Unilateral Breast Augmentation £3,835
    Mastopexy (Uplift) £5,195
    BBA & Mastopexy (Uplift) £6,865
    Implant Removal Only £2,905
    Implant Removal & Capsulectomy £3,180
    Implant Removal, Capsulectomy & Mastopexy £6,695
    Implant Exchange & Capsulectomy £6,155
    Implant Exchange, Capsulectomy & Mastopexy £7,975
    Breast Reduction (BBR) £6,315
    Unilateral Breast Reduction – (includes histology) £5,395
    Gynaecomastia / Man Boobs £5,005
    Areola Reduction Bilateral – General Anaesthetic £3,555
    Areola Reduction Bilateral – Local Anaesthetic £3,080
    Nipple Reduction Unilateral – Local Anaesthetic £1,070
    Nipple Reduction Bilateral – Local Anaesthetic £1,615
    Inverted Nipple Correction Bilateral – Local Anaesthetic £1,925
    Inverted Nipple Correction Unilateral – Local Anaesthetic £1,100
    Nipple Reconstruction – Local Anaesthetic £1,240
     Lipo-Filling to Breast TOP-UP Procedure  £4,015
     Lipo-Suction & Lipo-Filling to Breast (2.5 hrs)  £5,575
    Extra Surgical Garment £80
    Upper Blephs – Local Anaesthetic £2,545
    Upper Blephs – General Anaesthetic £2,865
    Lower Blephs – General Anaesthetic £3,585
    Upper & Lower Blephs (Eyelids) £5,045
    Upper Bleph & Mod Lateral Browlift £4,250
    Lower or Upper Blephs with Fat Transfer £4,705
    Upper & Lower Blephs with Fat Transfer £6,170
    Full Orbital Rejuvenation (Inc Lateral Browlift) £6,480
    Browlift £4,375
    Endoscopic Browlift £6,235
    Necklift/I-Guide £5,400
    Facelift- 1 Stitch Hitch £2,880
    Facelift 1 – Short Scar & SMAS Plication/Lift £6,100
    Facelift 2 – with Upper of Lower Blephs (2 lids)  £7,280
     Facelift 3 – with Upper & Lower Blephs (4 lids)  £8,500
     Facelift 4 – + U&L Blephs & Neck Lift/IG £9,870
    Rhinoplasty, Simple Endonasal £5,295
    Rhinoplasty, Open £6,625
    Rhinoplasty, Major £8,800
    Ear Correction/Pinnaplasty (GA) £2,970
    Ear Correction/Pinnaplasty (LA) £2,600
    Split Earlobe Correction Unilateral (LA) £550
     Split Earlobe Correction Bilateral (LA) £1,065
     Tribal Earlobe Correction Unilateral  £1,125
     Tribal Earlobe Correction Bilateral  £1,900
     Fat Transfer to Face (under 1 hour)  £3,570
    Mini – Tummy Tuck £5,040
    Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck (includes overnight stay) £6,335
    Brazilian Abdominoplasty (includes overnight stay) £6,700
    Mini Lipo-Abdominoplasty (includes overnight stay) £5,595
    Fleur De Lys (includes overnight stay) £7,805
     Abdominoplasty & BBA (includes overnight stay)  £8,995
    Abdominoplasty & Mastopexy (includes overnight stay) £9,255
    Abdominoplasty, BBA & Mastopexy (includes overnight stay) £10,115
    Liposuction- 1 area (1hr) £3,440
    Liposuction- 2 areas £4,765
    Liposuction- 3 areas £5,675
    Liposuction & Fat Transfer to Buttock £5,565
    Lipo-Filling to Buttock TOP-UP Procedure £3,570
    Thigh Lift £6,120
    Buttock Lift £6,765
    Buttock Implants £7,995
     Arm Lift  £5,160
     Labiaplasty reduction  £3,440
    Bilateral Axillary Hyperhydrosis (Sweaty Armpits) £2,995
    Scar Revision – less than 9cm (LA) £850
    Scar Revision – less than 9-25cm (LA) £1,450
    Scar Revision – less than 9-25cm (GA) £1,845
    Scar Revision – Large (GA) £3,200
    C-Section Scar Revision (if lipo then mini-t tuck) £2,900
    Extra Surgical Garment £105
    MOLES/LESIONS Punch Biopsy- Up to 3 lesions, excl. histology  £235
    Each Extra Mole or Lesion, excl. histology  £40
    Mole / Skin Lesion Removal – 1 only, excl. histology  £280
    Each extra Mole / Skin Lesion Removal – excl. histology  £60
     Excision of Lesion (Includes graft/flap)- 1 only  £850
     Excision of Lesion (Includes graft/flap)- 2 only  £1,050
     Excision of Lesion (Includes graft/flap)- 3 only  £1,260
     Excision of Lesion (Includes graft/flap)- 4 to 6 only  £1,460
     Shave of Lesion- up to 3, excluding histology  £230
     Shave of Lesion- 3 to 6, excluding histology  £380
     Cryotherapy of Lesion- up to 3, excluding histology  £275
     Cryotherapy of Lesion- 3 to 6, excluding histology  £345
    Lipoma Excision, excluding histology  £320
    Lipoma Excision GA, excluding histology  £1,625
    Sebacious Cyst Excision, excluding histology  £320
    Suture Removal or Dressing change – Nurse Led (When undertaken over 30 days after procedure)  £50
     Histology Small – 1 only  £195
     Histology Medium – 1 only  £275
     Histology Large – 1 only  £350
    Histology Extra Large – 1 only  £415
    INJECTIBLES Up to 1 vial of 0.05ml  £195
     Per extra vial of 0.05ml  £90
     Hyperhydrosis 1 armpit (1 vial of 0.05ml)  £360
     Hyperhydrosis 2 armpits (2 vials of 0.05ml)  £590
    Allergan Botox – injected by consultant surgeon
     Up to 1 vial of 50ut  £235
     Per extra vial of 50ut  £130
     Up to 1 vial of 100ut  £345
     Per extra vial of 100ut  £225
     Hyperhydrosis 1 armpit (1 vial of 50ut)  £400
     Hyperhydrosis 2 armpits (2 vials of 50ut)  £625
    Juvaderm 2 (small syringe) £200
    extra syringe £101
    Juvaderm 3 (small syringe) £260
    extra syringe £156
    Juvaderm 4 (small syringe) £402
    extra syringe £186
    Juvaderm Voluma £570
    Lips £378

    General Notes:

    The package does not include the pre and post-operative consultations, but does include any pre-assessment investigation.

    Initial consultation fees can vary, but are typically £150.
    The technique and manner in which any surgical procedure is performed can vary from patient to patient. It is important to fully discuss any aspect and the scope of the intended procedure with your consultant prior to undertaking the surgery.

    Very occasionally, it is necessary to undertake relief of complications post-surgery. This is undertaken with no charge. Your consultant will be happy to explain these scenarios.


    VISA, Mastercard or Direct Debit Card Payments are accepted.
    Regrettably we cannot accept AMEX, Diners Club or Cheques.
    Payment in full must be made 14 days prior to the surgery taking place.

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    IMPORTANT NOTE: All the prices above are day case prices. If the medical team determine either pre or post-surgery that an overnight stay is required then an additional fee of £675 will be added.

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