A day in the life of a Marketing Assistant

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A day in the life of a private hospitals marketing assistant……

When you imagine the team at a private hospital you visualise nurses, clinical staff and the lovely ladies who greet you and generally the team who stand by your side through your hospital journey. You may be un-aware of the members of the team ‘behind the scenes’.

Through the development scheme at Baddow hospital I have moved from being the first person who greets a patient on the reception desk to moving into my Marketing assistant role.

Experiencing first-hand the level of care every patient receives here at baddow hospital has lent to my ability to sincerely promote what we do here. Having such a friendly team provides a strong platform to care for our patients and ensure each patient walks away happy and is confident to recommend us to their friends and family.

So what does being a Marketing Assistant involve?

My role is broken down into different areas of the business, those being:





An important fact about marketing within a hospital is that your first customer is your Consultants and staff, it is imperative that your consultants and staff are happy in their role and environment. A successful business starts with your team after all…..


My goal is to ensure that every consultant is present on our digital platforms and most importantly, our website. We feel our patients should be able to learn about their consultant’s interests, learning background and other supporting information before they have an appointment.

Each consultant is invited to have their photo taken by our photographer and asked to fill out a consultant profile. This information is then put into the website as well as any supporting information needed about their speciality.

I am also responsible for writing our blog posts so I will discuss with each of our consultants any relevant topics we may be discussing to ensure they are as informative as possible.

A part of my role which I particularly enjoy is organising and hosting our free mini consultation evenings. I contact our consultants to organise a date and provide the consultants secretary with relevant information required.

The information throughout our website wouldn’t exist without the assistance of our consultants, we ensure our information is accurate and informative.


My contact with our patients is through our mini consultation evenings. Through our digital advertising we inform patients that they can attend an informal consultation with our cosmetic surgeons to get some more information before committing *click here for more information* to their desired procedure.

My responsibility is to advertise this on our website and social media platforms. Once we have received interest I will contact the patients and book an appointment. I will also be present on the evening to show patients around the hospital facilities, discuss prices and offer our complimentary canapes which I will have ordered a week in advance and refreshments. I will then become their point of contact should they decide to proceed with their desired procedure.

My job role also involves monitoring and documenting our patient satisfaction surveys and testimonials so that we as a team can celebrate successes and improve our services. I will then feed this information onto our hospital manager.


Our team are the core of what makes Baddow hospital… Baddow hospital. So it is important that you can get to know the people who will be caring for you. I organise new members of the team to provide us with some information about themselves so that patients can read our ‘meet the team’ section of our site.


With roughly 3 billion active internet users and 2.1 billion people using social media my role mainly involves reaching our patients through these avenues. My main objectives being:

-Expanding our reach by using targeted paid for advertising

– Providing our followers with helpful information and updates

– Advertising vacancies

– Organising filming and uploading videos to YouTube

– Scheduling organic posts to our social media

– Writing blog posts using keywords to ensure they are reached by the top google searches for each topic

-Use google analytics to monitor our traffic and see how our patients navigate through our website.

– Liaise with our web development team to keep our website current, updated and easy to navigate.

– Ensure we connect digitally with our audience and team.

– Review and plan our visual ads to ensure we are appealing to our audience.

-Research the demographic of our target market to ensure accuracy when posting on our social media.

Every role within Baddow hospital is important in ensuring that our patients, consultants, local GPs and staff are all passionate about the care we deliver.  Every day within my role is different which allows me to constantly learn and develop my skills, the main aim being that I support the marketing team and grow the business.

If you are interested in joining our team you may wish to visit our career opportunities section *here* or alternatively you can call our friendly team on 01245 474070