Don’t let Stress Incontinence slow you down

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Don’t let stress incontience slow you down.

Stress incontinence can often leave sufferers embarrassed, frustrated and not wanting to leave the house to socialise for worrying that they may be caught out . Urinary leakage can occur on the slightest exertion e.g coughing, sneezing and running etc. It is important to seek advice and not let it slow you down.

Stress incontinence is actually very common affecting between 60-70% of all women.

But it is treatable and there is a solution! 


What procedure can help with my Bladder Incontinence?

A procedure known as a TOT or Transobturator tape is used to treat patients who are suffering with stress urinary incontinence.

This procedure is performed as a day case procedure.

How does a TOT work?

Your Gynaecologist will place a small nylon mesh tape underneath the bladder neck where the urethra leaves the bladder.

This tape supports the tissues on either side of the bladder neck and reduces the chance of your experiencing a urine leak.

An incision is made in the vagina below the Urethra and secured to the obturator membrane in the pelvis. There are no skin incisions with this technique resulting in less pain after your procedure.

Scar tissue then grows through the mesh tape and secures it permanently in place.

So how do I book this procedure?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is important that you see your GP to discuss the options available to you. Click here to learn about our private GP practice.

Alternatively if you have been advised by your GP that the TOT procedure is the next step for you, you can call our friendly and helpful team on 01245 474070 (e-mail to book an appointment to see our Gynaecologist and Medical Director Mr Philip Robarts who will be able to discuss this further with you.


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