Get to know our ENT Consultant.

Chloe JohnsonBlog

When our new specialists begin their practice here at Baddow Hospital, we like to know a little more about them than just their general clinical qualifications and experience. Mr Martyn Barnes is one of our new ENT consultants and below are the questions we asked him.


Why ENT?

Because it is the most interesting and rewarding surgical speciality!

We work with everything from conventional open surgery in the neck through to microsurgery and minimal access surgery.

We operate in areas of specialist sense (smell, hearing, vision) and regions that border on other interesting specialities (the eye, brain, heart and lungs).


What made you want to travel and what was the most memorable part of your traveling experience?

I was seeking out the best opportunities to develop my experience in a very specialised and rapidly evolving field of surgery – Rhinology.

I did make the most of my time in some wonderful places though too!

Most memorable clinical experience? – taking a grapefruit sized brain tumour out through a nostril.

Life experience? – Taking a camper van around South Island New Zealand.


Which areas of ENT do you teach and where?

I teach the breadth of ENT in my clinical practice, but mostly my case load (and therefore my teaching) is Rhinology.

I am the educational supervisor for the trainees in Southend, and I work with two deaneries (UK training bodies) to supervise training in our region.

I work closely with trainees in my non-profit work with SurgTech – under direction, they create and publish educational materials for their peers and successors.


Where did you gain your experience in your special clinical interests?

I had superb opportunities in my basic training in Dundee, a centre recognised for it’s excellence in Rhinology and Academic medicine.

I undertook fellowships in Auckland and Amsterdam, which gave me superb exposures to the highest standards of practice in advanced sinus, nasal, skullbase and facial plastic surgery.


Why have you chosen to work in Baddow hospital?

I have been in the region for over a year now, looking for somewhere to practice.

I looked at most of the options, but only Baddow were prepared to invest in the contemporary service I want to deliver.

Many of the other private hospitals around have inferior equipment to that in my NHS setup!