Could Medical Hypnotherapy cure your fear of flying?

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Could Medical Hypnotherapy cure your fear of flying?

Are your holiday dreams ruined before you even get off the ground? .Or maybe getting off the ground is the problem?

Do you struggle with coping with the flight? Do you survive the outbound flight, only to have your holiday ruined by spending all your time worrying about the flight home?

Well, if so, you are certainly not alone. A fear of flying, otherwise known as aerophobia is the feeling of anxiety or fear around being a passenger on a plane. It can sometimes develop from a fear of heights, a fear of aeroplanes, claustrophobia and can even be linked to post-traumatic stress disorder – and it affects thousands.

Some sufferers find themselves in a vicious circle by experiencing anxiety about their emotions and reactions on a flight. This anxiety can stem from the embarrassment of losing control of their emotions surrounded by fellow passengers.

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel. Unfortunately this fact will have little to no comfort to a sufferer. However, there could be a solution: medical hypnotherapy. This could help if you can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Have you suffered from extreme levels of anxiety in the lead up to your flight?
  • Is experiencing sweating, stomach churning, dizziness, nausea or hyperventilating before or during your flight ruining your flight?
  • Do you avoid flying altogether to avoid your symptoms?
  • Do you imagine how the flight could go wrong prior or during flying?
  • Are your symptoms affecting your relationships, social life or work? It could be that you cannot join friends and family on holiday – or attend a meeting?

Medical hypnotherapy with a trustworthy hypnotherapist, as offered at Baddow Hospital, can get to the source of what started your fear and work with you towards managing your symptoms and get you flying again without the irrational fear.
Contact the hospital for more information or alternatively you can click here. Not only can hypnosis reduce your fear of flying, it can help with other anxieties you may experience in other areas of your life.