Sleep insomnia keeping you up at night?

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Sweet dreams are made of this…


A good night’s sleep is so often recommended as a cure all for many a trouble or ailment; so if you’re not getting your head down properly  and getting your seven hours a day you could be opening yourself up to high blood pressure, heart disease,  weight gain and obesity. In short a good night’s sleep is essential for a long and healthy life.


If you’re consistently not sleeping well what can you do about it? There are the usual solutions such exercise more, read a book, diet correctly (reduce your alcohol consumption), sleeping tablets prescribed and non-prescribed. However, have you ever considered that there may be something more underlying that’s keeping you awake at night?


Have you considered Medical Hypnotherapy? As soon as the word hypnotherapy is mentioned one always imagines a celebrity hypnotist getting people to eat raw onions and do other bizarre things to our great enjoyment. However, Medical Hypnotherapy is very different and a medically approved solution to treating a number of different symptoms affecting people on a daily basis. From improving sleep to tackling phobias, Hypnotherapy could help you.


Hypnotherapy for problems sleeping


We see many people with sleep related problems – most of these relate to daytime stresses or have developed after unpleasant life events. Hypnotherapy can help with these by exploring the underlying causes. Working through these issues often leads to an improvement in sleep patterns but hypnotherapy is also good at relaxing you, drifting you off into a peaceful sleep.


Hypnotherapy is remarkably helpful in dealing with recurrent issues such as anxiety, nightmares, night terrors, unpleasant recurring dreams and sleepwalking. The Baddow Hospital hypnotherapy team have a lot of experience in these problems. As everyone is different the approach is tailored to each individual. With an undisturbed night’s sleep your general wellbeing and health will  improve  enormously.



Hypnotherapy for phobias


Many simple phobias (such as fear of dogs, spiders and birds) seem to be a persistence of childhood fears following an unpleasant incident. Hypnotherapy can help you narrow down those issues and identify solutions. From this more comfortable situation hypnosis can be used to desensitise the anxiety response in the safety of the consulting room – this new found confidence can then easily be transferred into real life situations. Generally, for this type of problem only 2 or 3 sessions are needed.


More complex phobias such as social phobias (meeting people, public speaking, travel, eating out etc.) take longer to tease out the original issues but hypnotherapy is one of the best therapies for these problems. By building confidence and self-esteem the sufferer soon learns that they can cope much better than they could ever have imagined.



Hypnotherapy for infertility


Huge progress has been made in the treatment of infertility but it remains a very emotional time for those going through the investigations and treatment programmes. A wide range of emotional issues are experienced by couples for whom fertility is a problem: anxiety, mood swings, lack of libido, feelings of failure etc. Hypnotherapy helps get to the core of the symptoms enabling resolution, relaxation and stress reduction. A relaxed individual is much better at responding to their fertility treatment than a stressed one. Published research has shown better pregnancy and implantation rates for those using hypnosis with their IVF treatment.


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