The MonaLisa Touch

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The MonaLisa Touch is a new treatment that uses laser energy to treat vaginal or vulval symptoms you may be experiencing. It delivers controlled energy to the tissue cells to produce more collagen, resulting in rejuvenated skin.

The treatment is performed by Baddow Hospital gynaecologist, Mr Robarts, and we hope the treatment will be the answer for women who are suffering with symptoms that interfere with their quality of life.

Will it benefit me?

The MonaLisa Touch will benefit woman who are suffering from the following symptoms:

  • vaginal dryness or laxity following childbirth or around or after the menopause
  • some bladder problems
  • painful Intercourse
  • vulval burning, soreness or irritation

Where will the procedure take place?

The MonaLisa Touch can be performed in an outpatient clinic. You would require an initial consultation and examination but the treatment itself requires no anaesthetic.

Will it hurt?

The laser energy itself is virtually painless although there may be some discomfort with the laser probe tip insertion if you suffer from vaginal dryness.

How many treatments will I need and how long will it last?

You will normally require three treatments which would be four-six weeks apart. After your three treatments, you might require one follow-up treatment a year to maintain results.

When will I notice results?

Most MonaLisa Touch patients feel improvement after the very first treatment, although the maximum benefits will be following three treatments.

How much would the procedure cost?

The fee per treatment is £650 and you will normally require three treatments.

If you have any questions or would like to book in, please call us on 01245 474070 or contact us here