Our men take part in Movember!

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Our team takes part in Movember.

As most of you will know November sparks the start of Mowember that well known month where men from all around the world grow a moustache to highlight men’s health issues such as prostate issues, depression and other male cancers and illnesses.

This year our Baddow Hospital men’s team (such as they are…there are only three of them out of 28!) have joined forces to do just that.

Why have they decided to support this particular cause?

“We’re a hospital with a superb urology team and facility. And we felt it was important to raise everyone’s awareness about prostate issues. For whatever reasons we men can be reluctant to get things checked out at the Doctors. So if something can be done to encourage men to act, rather than wait until it’s too late, then a moustache challenge is a very worthwhile and fun thing to do.” said Chris Cooper, Baddow Hospital, CEO.

We will keep you up to date with the man looks our males create with their moustaches and I ‘moustache’ you to vote for the best!


Movember men

                Christian Cooper (CEO)               Dave Thornton (Accountant)             Alasdair Muir (Commercial Director)

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