Why we started our mini cosmetic consultation evenings

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Why we started our mini cosmetic consultation evenings.

Baddow Hospital regularly holds mini consultation evenings; but what you might not know is why we hold them, how they can benefit you, and why they are so successful?


Cosmetic surgery is very much surgery of choice – the patient’s choice. And this means that most cosmetic surgery patients have lots of  questions to ask and issues and options to explore before committing themselves to a full paid for consultation. You can read about the options online and trawl various sources of information to learn more.

You might want to know “What size should I be?”, “Which implants are best for me?”, “How do I know which consultant best suits my needs?”, “Can liposuction help me?” and many other things.


Of course you can read up about it but we believe it’s better to get your information from the people who will be doing the surgery.


So what will you gain from a mini consultation?

  • Expert free advice from a professional consultant surgeon in an informal environment.
  • Meet and choose the consultant that suits you. This can be arranged in the evening to suit you.
  • Explore your cosmetic surgery options.
  • Meet some of our clinical hospital team who would be caring for you throughout your journey.
  • View our Hospital facilities.
  • Leave with an estimate of prices.



So what happens after your mini consultation?

Your consultation evening host (usually our Chloe Johnson) will contact you a couple of days after your consultation (giving you time to reflect on your options) and if you wish to proceed Chloe will organise a full consultation (costing from £150.00) with your chosen surgeon at a time and day to suit you.

If you would like to book your slot at our cosmetic consultation evenings simply fill out the contact form provided below…


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