Urology Week

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September marks the Urology Foundation’s ‘Urology Awareness Week’ Campaign. An important week put in place to actively encourage everyone to get checked and to look out for the signs which if left could become life-threatening. Thus promoting a serious message of dealing with diseases of the kidney and bladder in both men and women. It also covers diseases of the male reproductive system.

It is vital to our quality of life to look after our Urology health. The conditions include some of the most common and serious diseases in the UK such as prostate, bladder and testicular cancer, kidney damage and incontinence.

We are dedicating a number of our posts this month to providing you with information on Urology treatments available here at Baddow Hospital and symptoms to look out for in those all-important early stages.

Baddow Hospital are lucky enough to have a fantastic team in place to support with every stage of investigating your Urology symptoms and conditions.

So how can our Urology team help you?
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