What is the Rice test?

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What is the rice test?


If you have recently attended a Breast augmentation (popularly known as a boob job) consultation you have been asked to try ‘the rice test’

So what is the rice test?

Undergoing a breast enlargement procedure is a big decision that should never be rushed into. Finding the best implant size for you is particularly important as implants that are too big for your frame can cause you health problems in the future. Your consultant will provide advise on which type of implant will suit your shape and figure best.

A simple test, called the rice test, is very helpful when choosing your breast implant size. It can help you adjust to the look and feel of having larger breasts before making a permanent decision.

Breast implant volume is measured in ccs, short for cubic centimetres.

Following a few simple steps will help you decide what size implant is best for you.

  • You will need a pair of tights for best results
  • Weigh out the required rice, for example 1 cup = 236cc, 1/2 cup = 118cc, 3/4 cup = 177cc
  • Fill the tights with rice and secure tightly
  • For best results, try in a sports bra or non-padded bra and wear a light coloured tight vest over the top. This will shape the implant and allow you to envision the end result of your breast enlargement.

When carrying out the rice test, pay particular attention to how the fuller bust line looks compared to the rest of your figure.

The rice test only provides a rough guideline but is known to help women make the right decision. Ask your consultant if they would recommend the rice test or other methods that can help with your decision.

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