Why the MonaLisa Touch is a revelation to women seeking vaginal rejuvenation

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Mr Philip Robarts, Consultant Gynaecologist at Baddow Hospital in Essex, answers the 10 questions woman ask about this treatment

Atrophy or ‘thinning’ of the vaginal and vulval skin occurs at the menopause, as the body’s oestrogen levels decline. It can also happen after childbirth. This can lead to problems such as dryness, soreness, irritation, vaginal laxity, incontinence and painful or unsatisfying intercourse.

HRT, vaginal oestrogen creams and pessaries, and lubricants may be helpful, but are not always either effective or appropriate. That’s where MonaLisa Touch comes in.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

It is a treatment using a form of CO2 laser to deliver a precise pattern of tiny pulses of energy to the vagina or vulval skin, in order to remedy these unwanted symptoms.

How does it work?

Research has shown that the effect of these controlled energy pulses is to prompt the cells responsible for collagen and elastic tissue formation to start multiplying, thus producing more collagen and healthy, normal vaginal and vulval skin.

How is it performed?

A probe is inserted into the vagina and the laser treatment is delivered along the length and circumference of the vagina. The procedure takes no more than five minutes and patients will feel a small vibration during the procedure.

Is it painful?

Definitely not – some patients may feel a slight discomfort when the laser probe tip is inserted, but no anaesthetic is required and the procedure is performed in the Consulting Room in Out Patients.  You can continue with normal activities immediately after treatment, although it is advisable to refrain from sexual intercourse for 2-3 days.

How many treatments are required?

Usually 3 treatments are recommended, at 4-6 weekly intervals, although some benefit is often noted even after the first treatment. Thereafter, single, ‘maintenance’ treatments can be given if necessary.

Are there any side effects?

Most women who have undergone the MonaLisa Touch treatment say that they have had some temporary redness or swelling, but this soon fades, leaving you free to enjoy the results of the procedure.

Do a lot of women have this done?

It’s a very popular procedure and one which has made a huge difference to the quality of life of many of our patients.

How much does it cost?

Each treatment costs £495 and we recommend a course of 3 treatments. There is also an initial consultation fee of £155.

Is this what’s called ‘vaginal rejuvenation’?

Yes, it can be called that. It is extremely effective at improving vaginal symptoms in older women, but also can be successful in dealing with problems following childbirth, such as vaginal laxity and some urinary leakage problems.

How can I find out more?

I always favour an initial consultation and examination to establish the symptoms which are being experienced and discuss the treatment options available. If you have any questions or want to arrange your consultation, please call us on 01245 671 255, or you can use our simple contact form.

“I would absolutely recommend the MonaLisa Touch treatment to someone having symptoms. I no longer have to cross my legs when I sneeze and I can jump on the trampoline without having to worry about urinary incontinence! The procedure was quick and painless and I could go back to the gym the next day.” – Former Patient