Why do I have blood in my pee?

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Why have I blood in my pee?

Let’s face it, going to the loo is an everyday function which we all do without giving it much thought. However, if you want to stay healthy, it’s important that you keep an eye on any changes from the norm. These changes could be a pain or burning sensation when doing a pee, or it could be as simple as you having to pee more often than normal or your urine going a pink / red or a particularly brown colour (indicating blood in your urine and medically known as haematuria).

Initially you might put this sensation and experience down to a “bit of Cystitis” but it could be something more serious and definitely worth seeing your GP or specialist about.

What causes blood in your urine? Well it could be a variety of things and almost too many to list but could range from a simple bladder infection (such as cystitis), kidney stones or urethritis which can often be associated with a STI (sexually transmitted disease). With men it could be an enlarged prostate gland. Ultimately blood in your urine can be a sign of more serious issues with your bladder, kidney or prostate. Either way, it’s important to have this checked by your GP or specialist consultant.

There are some simple tests that can be run to put your mind at ease. Indeed, it’s amazing what a urine test can tell you about your “waterworks” and general health and well-being.

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