The breasts you’ve always wanted


Breast Surgery, whether that be enlargement (a ‘boob job’) or reduction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries there is. It’s important that your breasts are the way you want them to be. At Baddow Hopsital, we aim to walk you through surgery step by step, from an initial consultation, to deciding n your surgery, explaining the procedure, right through to you making a full recovery and enjoying the breasts you’ve always wanted.

Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as Reduction Mammoplasty, reduces the weight and volume of the breasts. Men can also have Breast Reduction Surgery to a condition known as gynaecomastia, which enlarges male breasts..

Breast Reduction Surgery can help if you are unhappy with the shape, weight or ‘droop’ of your breasts by making them smaller and more lifted or to rectify noticeable asymmetry. However, breast size alters with body weight so, after surgery, your breasts may increase in size if you put on weight or become pregnant.

Large breasts, may cause similar problems at all ages: backache, neck pain, grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, rashes under the breasts and feeling self-conscious.

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Step 1: Consultation and Planning

The first step towards getting the breasts you want is a consultation with your surgeon. We offer a number of free, no-obligation consultations, which you can find out more about here.
Your consultant will explain the whole procedure with you, and answer any questions you may have. You will also be guided through recovery and follow-up consultations.

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Before & After

  • Details:
    BREAST REDUCTION30yr old women with 32HH bust underwent breast reduction of 998g on left, 1004g on the right. Post op pictures taken at 4months.



  • Details:

    Breast Reduction: patient 8

    19yr old women who underwent a breast reduction, changing bra size from a H to a DD -E cup. Pictures taken at 4months.



Step 2: Preparation and Procedure

Breast Reduction Surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes approximately two hours. During the procedure, fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed from your breasts, which are reshaped, and the nipples are repositioned to form newer, smaller breasts.

Apart from the change of shape and reduction in size, the most obvious consequences following surgery are the scars. These are designed to be invisible whilst wearing normal clothing and, as far as possible, are designed to lie under the average bra or bikini top. Over the months following surgery, your scars will fade from being red, possibly thick and uncomfortable, to becoming pale and less obvious.

However, they will always be present and visible when clothing is not worn and the scars will vary from one woman to another.


Please ensure you attend a pre-operative assessment clinic with our designated nurses who will review your medical questionnaire, check your blood pressure and pulse and carry out any other relevant tests.
We ask you to buy OCTENSIAN body wash (available at Baddow Hospital), which reduces the risk of infection and should be used for one week before surgery.

Do not take aspirin for at least one week prior to surgery, unless advised by your surgeon.

Before coming into hospital, if you smoke, we advise you to give up for at least two weeks before your ‘boob job’. Apart from the other health risks, smoking delays wound healing.
After the procedure you will not be able to undertake household duties such as vacuuming, dusting, washing clothes, ironing and shopping for some time, so you may wish to arrange someone to help.

You will also need to avoid pushing, pulling or lifting objects. If you have small children, you may require childcare support during your recovery period.

Ensure things you need on a daily basis are within easy reach, as you must not raise your arms past your shoulders for the first two weeks. This also means you will need someone to wash your hair during this time.

It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose-fitting, front-fastening clothes on admission.

We will supply you with a post-operative bra as part of your package but you may want to consider purchasing an additional bra through Baddow Hospital – and you should also purchase a couple of well-fitting, front-fastening sports bras.

Step 3: Recovery & Follow-Up

Your post-operative care will be discussed with you by your Consultant Surgeon and Specialist Nurse. Drainage tubes are frequently used and will be removed within a short period of time following surgery. You may need to remain in hospital for up to two days.

A well-fitting bra will be supplied after the surgery and should be worn as instructed.

The nipples are likely to be very much less sensitive following surgery due to the nature of the cuts and the nerve supply and it is quite possible numbness will extend over parts of the breast as well.

Sutures will normally be removed between 10-14 days post-surgically.