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Mastopexy (Breast Uplift)

A mastopexy aims to raise the breast by removing extra loose skin, whilst remodelling and tightening the surrounding tissue to give the breasts more support, resulting in a higher and more firmer looking breasts. Drooping breasts can be caused because of several reasons: post-pregnancy and due to breastfeeding, age or following significant weight loss.

A mastopexy can be carried out in combination with breast augmentation surgery in order to achieve a fuller, more voluminous look. It is most commonly undertaken with breast enlargement surgery if there is a lack of natural breast tissue, and an appearance of fullness at the top of the breasts is desired.

Is a Mastopexy right for me?

A Mastopexy, like any other cosmetic procedure should be considered in relation to the benefits and possible risks that can accompany the surgery.

Our cosmetic consultants at Baddow Hospital can offer you advice and guidance throughout the whole process, answering any questions you may have regarding the mastopexy. The procedure is most suitable for patients who feel self-conscious or unhappy due to the excess skin on their breasts or who have deflated, flat breasts resulting from weight loss, ageing or pregnancy.

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The mastopexy procedure usually takes between 2 to 3 hours under a general anaesthetic, accompanied by an overnight stay. Several incisions/cuts are made on each breast, with the number depending on the specific technique used by the cosmetic surgeon carrying out your surgery.

All methods involving the uplift of the breast act to preserve the bloody supply to the nipple/areolar area combined with re-shaping the breast with the remaining tissue. The skin is lifted and stitched into its new position and the excess skin removed. Your nipples may be repositioned or reduced in size to suit the new position of your breasts, ensuring the end result looks as natural as possible.

All stitches are dissolvable by the body during the healing process. The wound may be sealed with tissue glue and a specialised tape called Preneo in order to limit risks of wound infections.

If you are additionally having breast augmentation surgery, your surgeon will insert a breast implant under your breast tissue or behind the chest muscle, before stitching the incisions made and your breasts into their new position.


Initially after the surgery, you will need to wait until the general anaesthetic wears off. You will be offered different painkillers and a course of oral antibiotics to relieve any pain that you experience. During your stay at the hospital, your breast may be fitted with a drain in order to remove any initial blood or fluid that results from the mastopexy.

Your consultant will give you advice on recovery times and how to look after your wounds before you go home. You should avoid wearing an underwired bra following surgery due to the nature of the surgery and to avoid any risk of infection. You will usually wear a post-operative bra and binder for added support between 1-3 days, before being removed. You will wear the post-operative bra day and night for 6 weeks. 1-2 weeks after the surgery, you will have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon and another in approximately 3-6 months.

A number of check-up appointments will be booked following your surgery to ensure that your mastopexy has been effective and is healing as expected. You should take 1-2 weeks off work and avoid any strenuous activities. From 6 to 12 weeks you should start to feel back to normal again and be able to resume normal activities, however, your surgeon should advice you on this.

It is highly normal to experience bruising and swelling to the breast area and they may feel sore, but this should only last between 1-2 weeks. There will also likely be some scarring to the breasts dependent on the severity of the droop before the surgery.

Risks associated with a Mastopexy

Like any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved and you should be aware of them before making a final decision to undergo a mastopexy. We’ve put together a list of some of the main effects that should be considered before deciding to undergo the procedure:

  • Bleeding – The surgery may cause the breast to swell and bleed from the wound, making it two to three times bigger than the other side and this may cause you pain. This means that a vessel in your breast is bleeding and you will need to come see us where we can cauterise it, clean the area and close the wound.
  • Swelling and bruising – Some swelling and/or bruising is part of the process, so you should not worry about this. It will take several weeks to settle down and return to normal.
  • Infection – No matter how much you look after your wounds after surgery, there will be a very small percentage of people who experience some complications. If your wounds become red, hot or swollen or you notice discharge from the area you should book an appointment with Baddow Hospital straight away.
  • Scarring – You should already be aware that slight scarring is inevitable when having breast uplift surgery. Scars will usually start out red, raised and slightly lumpy for the first few months and will begin to fade after 1-2 years.
  • Sensation – You may experience altered sensation over the lower half of the breast including the nipple. This may be temporary and may take months to years to come back, however, you should be aware that some numbness can be a permanent result of the breast uplift.

 It is natural to have concerns regarding breast uplift surgery which is why our trusted team of advisors are here to assist you in any way they can, and answer any questions you will likely have. Fill in our form below and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible.

What our patients say

“I was warmly greeted by lovely receptionists. The Waiting area was light and airy with todays Newspapers at hand with plenty of tea, coffee and water facilities.”

Mrs K

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