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Whatever your nasal concerns, our expert Rhinologist can help you to Breathe-Easy.

Baddow hospital has recently invested in state-of-the-art equipment for sinus and nasal surgery, and can offer a standard of service you will not find elsewhere.

Perhaps your nose is ruining your sleep, limiting your exercise, or just a constant frustration? We can help you breathe more easily, resolve irritating symptoms (itch, run sneeze), and find the cause of long standing facial pains. You may have allergies, sinus disease, a nasal injury, failed previous surgery, or just a nose that has never been great to breathe through.

These are all common problems, and good treatments are available – from the latest in nasal medications to the most advanced sinus and nasal reconstructive surgery.

Almost all of our services can be funded by a good medical insurance policy.

Allergy and sinus disease are extremely common diseases, often associated with asthma, and vastly under-treated. Both patients and clinicians consistently under-estimate how much of an effect these are having on our day to day wellbeing, especially in work and school.

Nasal Polyps are one of the most common causes of terrible nasal blockage and problems with the sense of smell. Whether you want a quick-fix to get you breathing properly again, or an expert opinion on how to better control your disease for the longer-term, we can help.

Watery eyes may be a problem with tear duct blockage – something we can treat with surgery through your nose to avoid any scars on your face.

Structural Problems with your nose may cause blockage and can stop nasal sprays from being effective on other symptoms. In many cases surgical treatments can reverse these problems.

Nasal medications often fail due to inconsistent use or poor delivery – in some cases surgery is necessary before medications can adequately enter the nose and be effective.

A poor sense of smell is a common complication of sinus and sometimes allergic diseases. Optimising your medical treatments and sometimes surgery can help.

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A consultation with our expert Rhinologist is £190, and sinonasal surgery starts from £1550.

Almost all of our services can be funded by a good medical insurance policy.

Our state of the art equipment and surgical experience allows us to offer to perform almost all of our procedures through your nostrils, or leaving only a small external scar beneath your nose. Many can be performed under local anaesthetic, and almost everyone goes home the same day.

Patients should be aware that nasal diseases (esp. allergy and polyps) may not be cured by any treatment, but our aim is to much better control your disease and symptoms. There are risks of failure with any treatment, and the potential for complications. We will do our best to ensure you fully understand the likely outcomes, benefits, and risks of the treatments we offer.

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Martyn Barnes ENTMartyn Barnes is our expert Rhinologist and the overall lead for our ENT (ear, nose and throat) service. He is a substantive NHS consultant at Southend university hospital. He founded and now chairs SurgTech.net – a non-profit organisation promoting open-access surgical education online.

Martyn spent five years in research and obtained two higher degrees (MD, MSc) studying nasaldisease at the Universities of Oxford and Dundee before completing his training in ENT. He thenspent two years travelling and in fellowship positions in centres of excellence around the world.

Martyn has now made his home in Essex and is offering the highest standard of sinonasal medical and surgical treatments to our region.