We believe that unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled passion and commitment ensures the very best healthcare for those we serve. In everything we do we aim for excellence.


We are a small, close-knit, friendly team of staff who are extremely enthusiastic about the care we give; we have been selected not only for our professional ability, but for their ability to make patients feel comfortable and cared for. If there is anything we can do to make a difference, we will. As a team, we thoroughly enjoy our jobs, which makes Baddow Hospital a happy place to work, and a pleasant environment to recover in.


We believe in doing a few things well. Our fields of treatment are limited, but we excel in the treatments we provide. Our team are highly experienced in the areas of treatment we provide. The specialist equipment we have for our chosen areas is exceptional, and allows our consultants to carry out cutting-edge procedures to the best of their ability.

Equipment and Facility

We believe firmly in technological advancement at Baddow Hospital, and we have never cut a corner, which is why our facility is so state-of-the-art and entirely infection free. The investment we have made in our facility and equipment not attracts the best professionals to work with us at Baddow Hospital, but provides  a safe and comfortable environment for our patients to be treated and recover in.

An important part of this bespoke service is the responsible way we run our organisation. We’re always keen to support ventures – from local businesses to international ethical concerns – we feel are worthwhile. We are determined to support local enterprise, sourcing all our catering and cleaning from local companies. We also aim to reduce our footprint on the environment in any way we can. Baddow Hospital is housed in a thermally and environmentally efficient building. Our office is paper-free, supporting the global effort to cut waste and help our environment. This policy facilitates the privacy of your documents, an important part of maintaining your integrity.


All of our printer cartridges are returned to Essex Concisely, ensuring donations to The J’s Hospice, a local charity supporting young adults across Essex with life-limiting conditions. Our team at Baddow Hospital are keen to participate in charity events, from coffee mornings to half marathons. If you have any suggestions for us, or would like us to host or participate in your event, please get in touch through our enquiry form, our social media or call us directly on 01245 474070.