Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

Chloe JohnsonHealth Tip

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you get panic attacks? Do you worry excessively before social events, journeys, hospital appointments or medical procedures? Do you avoid certain situations because of the anxiety? If so our new medical hypnotherapy service is here to help.


The therapist will explain the mechanisms of anxiety and help you explore and understand any underlying causes. Then, by using relaxation and other techniques help you to learn to overcome these unpleasant feelings. Once learnt the therapist can then help you apply this new found relaxation in your day-to-day life ready for your next interview/exam/journey/social event/medical procedure. Being able to relax will help to improve your self-confidence and open new possibilities for you for the future.


Be assured, all hypnotherapy is carried out by fully qualified health professionals – we’re here to help.


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