Top tip for taking care of your ears.

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Top tip for taking care of your ears?

The best advice is not to ‘take care of your ears’ – most ears look after themselves.

Do NOT use cotton buds. These traumatise the delicate lining and hammer wax onto the eardrum.

If you’re prone to infections at all, it is also good general advice to avoid getting water into them.

If your ears are an exception however…

Waxy Ears – Most wax is less problematic than clearing it out is!

If you are sure you have wax that is totally blocking your ears though, you can help soften and naturally move it on by putting some oil drops in.

Bicarbonate drops are also reasonable. Failing drops, you will need a wax clearance by either washing (‘syringing’ at your GP) or suction (as in ENT clinics).

Itchy Ears – Earcalm spray is not entirely cheap, but is excellent to calm things down (it is acetic acid; vinegar in other words).

Hairy Ears are difficult. You need the hair and often impacted wax cleaned out (usually requiring a clinic appointment).

Otitis Externa (dry scaly, sore, discharging) is very common and often mistreated with tablets. Antibiotic and steroid drops are much more effective.

Hearing aids keep the ears moist and often cause some problems.

If you have problems, keep the aid out when not in use, and clean / disinfect the mould regularly, the above approaches may also help.

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