Transcontinental Triumph!

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Baddow Hospital’s Consultant Urologist Mr Thilagarajah performs transcontinental urology consultation today.


18th August 2015 – The team at CONTEXT Health performed its first transcontinental consultation from Melbourne Australia to Chelmsford, Essex today. Mr Thilagarajah, CEO of CONTEXT Health and consultant urological surgeon, carried out a real-time consultation with a known patient under Essex Urology to discuss the results of tests recently carried out in the UK. The consultation was a real test of the system and more importantly of the process surrounding Telehealth in general when dealing with patients remotely.


Using the secure connection, Mr Thilagarajah was able to go through all results and answer all questions relating to the data being shared between the two iPad devices. Video and audio quality was excellent and the consultation flowed smoothly without interruption.


A formal debrief was held after consultation with Annie Turner, Manager of Baddow Hospital in Chelmsford, Mark Crisell, CONTEXT Lead Developer in the UK and Ranjan Thilagarajah to iron out any parts of the pathway that needed addressing.


Mr Thilagarajah: “I am pleased to say that the consultation was a great success. There is an obvious difference when performing a teleconsultation when compared to having the patient sitting in the same room, but what it was interesting that once we both settled in to it, it was business as usual and most importantly, the technology didn’t get in the way!


One key point was having Annie, who is clinically trained, in the room with the patient, which helped enormously. Even though the contents of the consultation were all good news, we believe it is important to have that patient support on hand. Consultations may become difficult for a number of reasons (bad news, patient feeling physically unable to cope or understand what is going on) and so that onsite assistance is key: it is something that a lot of Telehealth solutions don’t take into account.”


Annie Turner:” As a clinical practitioner I was in attendance during a recent Patient’s first transcontinental consultation, to support, help and guide the patient in the use of the portal.  The consultation was held by Mr T in a consulting room at Baddow Hospital.   I had heard about the innovations that Mr Thilagarajah and CONTEXT Health were developing regarding transcontinental consultations but had never seen it live until this week.  The application is user friendly and allows the patient real time communication with the consultant with the added bonus of viewing scans, documents, pictures at a click of a button.  The quality of the program, viewing and dialogue was excellent and I can see that the function for conference consultations would work well.

When the patient was asked to attend Baddow Hospital for a media consult they were slightly confused as to why they had to be at the hospital and why this could not be done via other social media portals, however after the consultation the patient was extremely impressed about all elements of his consultation. “


Mark Crisell: “As a developer, I don’t often get the chance to see my work in action and so it was a fantastic moment to see everything working so smoothly. We are already working on the fine tuning of the other CONTEXT applications and so onwards and upwards!”



So how was the experience for the patient?


Mr M of Chelmsford “Having been a previous patient of Mr Thilagarajah I had no hesitation in returning to him when my PSA level started to increase, in the full knowledge that I would be in expert hands. I did not anticipate, however, the recent significant advances that have been made in the monitoring technology of any potential early signs of prostate cancer, which together with the fact that Mr Thilagarajah could talk through the results of my MRI scan, on screen, through an expertly produced web application, from across the other side of the world only served to further confirm my confidence that I was being extremely well looked after.


Fortunately I have been given the “all clear”, but will continue monitoring my PSA level, safe in the knowledge that Mr Thilagarajah and his excellent support team will be available should the need arise.”

All in all a great success! For more information about CONTEXT Health visit