Patient Journey at Baddow Hospital


Booking your first consultation
During your first Consultation
Booking and Scheduling
Plastic Surgery Cooling Off Period
Payment - Insurance and Self Pay
Pre Operation Assessment
Surgery timeline
Post Procedure
Possible Side Effects
Recovery Period
Post Operation Concerns

Providing the best care

In order to provide you with the best treatment, we may sometimes require information from you. You may have been asked to complete the following forms:

Patient Registration Form

Patient Care at baddow Hospital

We appreciate Feedback

We’re always looking to improve wherever we can. If you’ve undergone treatment at Baddow Hospital, we’d be grateful if you could take the time to complete our short feedback form.


General Readmission Policy
Rescheduling Policy
Refund Policy
Patient Access to Medical Records
Abuse of Patients and Staff
CQC - Care Quality Commission

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